Engineering and land surveying

The specialists of "Intheaters" have a huge experience of work with different objects. Geodetic surveys are performed quickly, within a specified time, using the most efficient modern equipment. A close-knit team of highly qualified professionals works on objects of varying complexity. We will professionally carry out geodesic surveys for the construction or renovation sites. We guarantee a consistently excellent quality of work and their compliance with applicable regulations.

Land surveying is the purpose and scope of work

Engineering-geodetic researches are carried out to obtain data necessary for design, construction and operation of facilities. The purpose of the engineering-geodetic works - assessment of natural and technogenic conditions of the territory the construction and justification of design, construction and operation of facilities.

Composition studies:

The collection and analysis of materials previously performed surveying, mapping, aerial photography and other works.
Reconnaissance survey of the territory.
Work on the creation of horizontal and vertical networks.
The drafting of the act in the transfer project in nature.
Engineering-hydrographic works.
Transfer in kind and linking mines and other points to geodetic surveying.
Analysis of deformations of foundations of buildings with fixed geodetic observations.
Cameral processing of materials.
Preparation of the technical report.
Quality assurance surveys conducted by the company "Intheaters", is a great experience specialists, responsible approach to work. We are a member of the Association "Engineering survey in construction" and have a permit to conduct topographic and geodetic works.

To contact the specialists of the company "Intheaters" you can use an online form or by phone +7 495 460-35-18 .

You will be able to ask a question about the progress of the survey, to know their cost, but also to find other information You are interested in.

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